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Same Day Printing in Brooklyn
A Printing Digital company.

Stapling. Check out this most common binding method.

At Printing Brooklyn we have a number of cutting-edge printers which contain automatic staplers. This allows us to staple your materials while being printing – making the process both faster and more precise. We offer a variety of stapling options such as:

  • one staple
  • one staple angled
  • two staples
  • three or more staples

If your project requires a less standard method of stapling contact us and we will staple your order manually. This leaves us with almost no restrictions and allows us any positioning of the staples that you require.

Enhance your catalogs and lookbooks

Stapling is one of the most common methods of binding in products such as catalogs or lookbooks. It provides a professional, elegant look and allows the products to either stand up while open or lie down flat. This is usually important during trade shows and exhibitions.

At Printing Brooklyn we offer fast turnarounds and a professional team who will be willing to assist you with any of your printing needs. Enquire today and have your products ready in no time.

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